Online Media Planning and Placement

The opportunities for business advertising on the Internet have never been bigger. Online advertising, when done effectively, has the potential to reach millions of users with ads that motivate customers and prospects to reach out and communicate with your business.


To launch a successful online advertising campaign, you need extensive knowledge of online media buying and planning, including online media, ad placement and ad distribution platforms. It also requires a constant awareness and a clear understanding of your target audiences. Ongoing fragmentation of online media, along with many other ever-changing complexities, make managing a successful online advertising campaign even more challenging over time.


Indie Ads is well poised to help you meet the challenges of the online environment. We will guide you effortlessly through the strategic planning stage and implement a program that delivers extraordinary reach at an aggressive CPM (cost per thousand). Complete campaign management and progressive campaign optimization fine-tune the targeting efforts throughout the duration of the campaign. Sophisticated analytics tracking and ROI measurement provide robust reporting and campaign analysis.

Our customized campaigns utilize the latest targeting variables to ensure you make an impact. They include:

Behavioral Targeting

Content Targeting

Demographic Targeting

Content Channels with multiple sub-categories

Custom Channels with complete transparency and extensive demographic, psycho-graphic and other targeting capabilities

Frequency Capping

Domain Type Targeting

Top-Level Domain (.com)

Day-Part Targeting (Hour of Day / Day of Week)

User Soft/Hardware Targeting (Browser/Version, OS)

Content Targeting (Site, Section, Page, Position)

Keyword Targeting (Industry Standard Capabilities and Reporting)

Geo Targeting (Country, State, DMA and Zip)

Post-Click and Post-View Tracking Determine which ads best prompt a user to complete a form or transaction

Surround Session Ensure highly targeted users receive your messages exclusively throughout an entire site visit in different positions as they scroll from page to page